Books that had me saying “WTF!”

Yep! That’s right Booklovers, today is a day for ranting, and it’s obvious from the title what I’m ranting about…books that had me like “wtf!” Books that I disliked so much I wanted to blaspheme against the book gods and throw them into a murky fast flowing river just so I never had to see them again! Am I being a bit extreme? Am I over exaggerating? Maybe just a little.


This is in no way a personal attack to the authors/ readers of these books, and if you read any one of these and enjoyed/loved them it is in no way a personal attack on you. This is just my opinion! Also I should mention this will undoubtedly involve spoilers as I delve into why I didn’t like these books, so be warned!

  1. Furyborn by Claire Legrand

I received an ARC of this book, and was so hyped at the time. The premise sounded great, and I was really keen to see how it would tackle the huge time jump (1000 years I think it spans). I was also really keen to see this so-called ‘bisexual representation’ that I was told would be in there…yeah, that was a disappointment!

This book was meant to give me action, strong heroines, and a new world to explore. What did it actually give me? Two lusty females, neither of whom actually did much throughout, and literally no bisexual rep at all! It was such a let down! Looking back on it I honestly don’t know how I managed to get through it. Also – sidenote – one of the female protagonists literally felt like a under developed Celaena Sardothien; a cheap and terrible immitation which I was so not on board for!

The only thing that I did like about this book was the use of magic in the first chapter…that was it! All down hill from there. Sorry not sorry.

2. Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James

Firstly, I never and I repeat never read these kinds of books (not that there is anything wrong with books in this genre, it just isn’t my thing typically). The reason, you may ask, for deciding to pick it up then? Friends, and hype. Simple as that. I heard from so many friends around the time of release that it was a great book, and I should read it ASAP. Actually, I didn’t even buy a copy, my friend pushed hers under my nose, and demanded I read it.

I don’t think I’m the only one out there who thinks “WTF!!” when encountering this book. I get there may be appeal to BDSM, sure, that’s fine, but what I don’t (and probably will never) get is the appeal to a guy who is controlling af! Excuse me if I’m missing something, please enlighten me? I get he is ‘damaged’ and has a ‘bad past’, but what right does that give him to treat her that way? Why are we making excuses for someone who is that controlling? I’m sorry, but on that basis alone I could never get behind these books. I just can’t! Maybe I’m just too strong willed, but I don’t personally think so. I think many woman on here will agree that being treating in such a manner is not a turn on. Just saying.

3. Everless by Sara Holland

I literally think I am one of the only people who doesn’t like this book! Everyone else I know gives it such good praise and hype, and I’m over here glaring like “What am I not seeing/ reading here?” Again, the premise for this book sounded great! I mean using time as currency etc, sounded cool af, and I was so ready for this book. However, I was so upset when I actually read it. It was so boring! It was so predictable! The romance? WTF?! Really, wtf was that romance? She had been pining over a guy since she was young even though her facts were all muddled, and the guy who had been there all along (as the enemy…eyeroll) was the one who she should have really been thanking etc. Yawn, bloody Yawn! I found the protagonist useless, and stupid, and if there is one thing in a book I cannot stand, it is a useless main character.

So no people, I did not pick the second book up, and neither shall I!

4. Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

I’ll admit when I was young and in high school I did read this whole series, but to be honest couldn’t really remember much so decided to pick it up again a couple of years ago…big mistake! The first thing I have to say about this book (because I can’t really remember the others) is that I’m shocked it managed to make it to print. No, not because of the concept, but because it looks as though it hasn’t seen a damn editor!! Obviously, when I was younger I didn’t take note of the writing, but goodness me this time it stuck out like a sore thumb.

Now, again, I’m not bashing authors here, this was a debut, and she should have had a team to help her out with the errors, but it definitely meant that I couldn’t get into the story.

The story itself was average, although I have a few issues there too, like the weird, and quite frankly creepy, notion that Bella is ‘like a drug’…bit weird. I’m not generally a fan of relationships that are so imbalanced, which to me…this one is.

5. Damsel by Elana K Arnold

I picked this book up because it has dragons. Don’t judge me, I’m dragon mad! I didn’t really know much going into it, all I needed to hear was dragons, and it was pretty much a done deal I was going to read it.

It didn’t take me long to realise that this was not a book for me…at all! Having read a lot of fantasy there seemed to be this forced effort to make the characters sound a certain way; I don’t know how to explain, but when you read George R R Martin there is a way in which he uses language to give you such a strong insight into his characters, and I felt from chapter one that this is what the author was trying to do with the prince, but for me it just felt forced. You are given this whole “I need to rescue the damsel to earn my throne” objective for the prince, and that is where the story starts. He rescues her, he acts like she is his ‘destiny’ etc, and then out of nowhere…literally nowhere, he becomes this whole other monster.

I really didn’t know how to react at all. Also – side note – what is with this whole ‘to be a bad guy I must be a sex pest and rapey asshole’? What is with that? Help a girl out here, because is it just me, or are there other ways to show a guy as being an asshole…eyeroll to this damned trope!! Now, here’s what really had me throwing the book (I am unfortunately being completely serious…I threw the book!) The prince gets the damsel back to his palace, and during the night slips into her room, and tries to force himself on her. Which believe it or not isn’t the worst part…the following day he apologises to her, but then says “But who can blame me, when a beauty such as yourself is under my roof, and so close to being my wife?” WTF!!! Dude I can blame you! Also just so you all know – the marriage in no way is her choice! She is told she is to marry him. Can you see why this is on my WTF list?

There you have it! My rant about books that had me saying ‘wtf?’ Thank you if you managed to stick with me through that lol! Are there any books you think should make the list? Let me know in the comments. 


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