Tropes That I Hate

Hey Beautiful Booklovers! So, after my post yesterday about series I don’t intend to finish, I thought I would write a post about my most disliked tropes. Some tropes literally have me putting down a book at the first sign, and the writing could be great, the storyline fairly good, but as soon as certain tropes rear their head I’m unable to continue.

Please note some of these tropes may be your favourites, and that is completely okay. As always this is my personal opinion, and I love hearing when you guys agree with me, or on the other hand think I’m wrong. So, please bear in mind this is not an attack on you if you like these tropes. It is just my list of disliked tropes. 

1 – Love Triangles

I’ve already mentioned I hate this trope, but let me tell you why. The love triangle often revolves around an individual (most commonly a girl) who has two other individuals pining over them. The problem I have with this trope is the indecision that comes from the main character. Now, correct me if I’m wrong people but ‘most’ individuals would rather have a love interest who only wants them, am I right? Why on earth would you want someone who can’t decide between you, and someone else? Why would you continue trying to win the affection of someone who clearly can’t decide if you are important enough to them. It drives me bloody loopy! I can’t even tell you how much this annoys me. I want a romance that burns, one that isn’t “oh I don’t know if I should choose x or y!”. Why is that so hard! I know the point of the love triangle is to create a form of tension within the romantic sub-plot etc, but trust me…tension can come from other areas!

2 – Asshole Guys

Okay, so that was a bit unspecific. I don’t hate an asshole guy in books – not at all. What I hate is the constant way they are portrayed. How many books have you read when the guy tries to force himself on the girl all of a sudden? Too many? Yeah me too. I’m so sick of the representation that for a guy to be a ass he has to be handsy or rapey. Yes, it happens, your girl here knows it, but that doesn’t mean I need every asshole to try rape in a book. Be creative please. Guys and girls can be shitty without using sexual assault. It really annoys me that when an author wants to show how terrible a guy is they must add it in. Can we not add in something else. Terrible personality, megalomaniac tendencies, selfishness etc? Anything? I’m just so over this damn trope. (I should say I don’t mind rape being represented in books- not at all, but I am sick of the crutch that is ‘to be a dick he has to sexually assault someone. I think there are better ways to show someone is a flawed character)

3 – Miscommunication

I know a lot of people like this one, but for me it just frustrates. When two or more characters misunderstand, and it leaves their relationship or the plot estranged because of it. The whole time this plays out I am so vexed I struggle to enjoy the book. Why can’t they just talk?! Why? I know it is designed to leave you feeling this way, but it honestly isn’t an enjoyable experience for me when I have to read it. We are adults – we can use words, right? Apparently not when it comes to this trope.

4 – Instalove

Speaks for itself. I really dislike coming across a book where there is no relationship build up. It goes from 0 to 60 faster than a McLaren P1, and I honestly don’t know who exactly thinks that is a good idea? I like seeing a relationship develop from friendship/ mutual respect into something beautiful. I like seeing the moment when things change, and knowing how its going to turn out (Yes, I’m a romantic…get over it!). The real problem with instalove is that I am rarely ever invested in it, and therefore care not what happens with the couple etc. That makes my reading experience not a great one which is why I tend to stay away from them. I know they can sometimes work, and didn’t mind Lazlo and Sarai, so if you know of any you think will change my mind hit me up in the comments.

5 – When the main character thinks they know better

I’m talking about that moment when they decide “Hey, I know what…I’ll go off on my own and damn the consequences because, you now, I know best!” This is so annoying! I get so angry at this moment. Like the whole novel they have had sense but then think “nah let’s do this instead.” It often leads to an absolute mess of panicking characters and I can’t deal with it. I have to put down the book and walk away when I encounter this trope normally.

Let me know in the comments what your most disliked tropes are. Are any of the above your faves, or do you agree? Next week I plan to do a post on my favourite tropes, so stayed tuned for that.


32 thoughts on “Tropes That I Hate

  1. Yep I’m with you on these… One of the tropes I dont particulalry enjoy is normally seen in those dystopian type of stories where its always a bunch of teens saving the world… if you enjoy tropes being turned on their head you may enjoy my comedy novella ‘the Teleporter’ (sorry for book plugging) either way this is a great post that authors should take on board!

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  2. I’m with you, but the one I agree 100000000% is asshole guys portrayed always with sexual assault, even if it isn’t rape and then they try to justificate it with a sad back story or turning him into a good guy that is sorry (I just came up with a post thanks to you haha). UGH. I love your post, but I would have love example of some books you didn’t enjoy sith that trope, because I always like to know that stuff hahaha

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    1. Yeah, it’s just annoying that men always seem to be portrayed like this when they are the “bad guy” 🙄! And consider it in the requests, I’ll have to pull together a post going over these tropes with specific books 😍🙌!

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  3. Yes! So much yes. Love triangles are the WORST. If you can’t choose me for me, then I’m moving on, peace.
    Same with insta-love. Ughhh I have no words powerful enough for my absolute HATE of this trope. It cheapens the entire novel, makes me hate the characters, and then everything they do just feels fake. It’s worthless. They are worthless. THE ENTIRE BOOK IS WORTHLESS
    😅 I may feel a bit strongly…

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      1. They’re just so easy to write 😭 that’s the real problem. You don’t have to work at all to make two people fall in love, you just say that “their eyes met and it was fate”

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      2. 😂😂! Yeah exactly. Its not easy writing a good relationship starting from the bottom and working up, so I suppose some think why bother. Or perhaps the story is just too exciting in their head and the romance so epic they forget to write how it got to that point 😂

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      3. Haha I will admit that I’ve done that! I get so caught up in the action that I rush through things 😅 BUT I do always catch it later, and then take the time to fix it and build a relationship. We need this “rising action” part! Of an arc and a romance 🥰

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      4. Yeah, the first draft of my first few ms’s were like this too, I was just too excited 😂😂! The revision stage is were I have to work hard to reign it all in and keep it consistent 😂

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    1. Always seems to be the way in YA and NA. Like they need to get the parents out the way to ensure the plot runs smoothly without parental interuption etc 😂


  4. Instalove and miscommunication. Oh god these two tropes. I really hate them. I’m a slow burn type of person so instalove really bugs me. Like how could two persons who just meet each other in a day are ready to risk it all in the name of ‘love’? I can’t relate. If it’s done well then maybe I wouldn’t mind it.

    And as for miscommunication, I really wanna scream every time this happens. It frustrates me so much to see this trope. Please keep it away from my face. I don’t want it.

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  5. I agree with these! The love triangle especially. How can you not decide who you like? I’d like to see a love triangle where the two guys end up falling in love with each other instead.

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