Reading Update #11

Okay so it’s been well over a week since I last updated you all. This isn’t for lack of wanting to update you all…it’s due to an unfortunate lack of reading [insert crying book steff here]!! It’s been tough to get in any reading other than uni work which is a little soul destroying to say the least.

Books I have read

Since my wrap up…none!! Literally none!!! I’ve literally got no books in my may reads list right now! It’s heartbreaking lol.

Currently reading

I’ve gotten 20% of the way through The Gems of Eslana, and I picked up mythago wood but haven’t continued with it yet 😭😭! So…obviously I’m feeling hella sorry for myself!

Books I plan to read next

Any…throw my a bone here! I need to read something other than uni related reading otherwise I’m going to loose the plot lol.

What books have you read in the last week? What book are you currently enjoying? Or perhaps you can comment letting me know you are having a tough reading time to make me feel better? No? Just me…okay.


7 thoughts on “Reading Update #11

  1. Oh, dear, I actually did something bad and skipped my April wrap up alltogether as I had only read 2 books T_T. My life was pretty much a chaotic mess and I didn’t want to publish that for the whole world hhaha. But that’s ok, I think we need such moments too, even if only to appreciate those where we are productive in reading. My CR: The invisible library by Genevieve Cogman and I did start We are never meeting in real life by Samantha Irby but I really cannot connect with her… I don’t usually DNF books ( just 1 in 20 years..) but I think I will DNF this one.

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    1. Yeah it’s certainly soul destroying 😂! Oh I have the invisible library on my shelf, are you enjoying it? And oh no! That happens sometimes, you can’t possibly like every book unfortunately 😔! At least its not a common occurrence for you.

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      1. I’m at page 60, so far I really like it 🙂 I’m planning on reading The history of bees next. I’m having a bit of a dystopias month

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      2. That’s good to know, I might bump it up the the tbr 😂😂! I’m hoping I’ll get some books under my belt before the month ends, at this point I’m not too fussed about which ones 😂

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