Steel & Stone by Kate Haley | Blog Tour

Hey Beautifuls, guess who is back with another review! Today is my stop on the Storytellers on Tour blog tour for Steel & Stone by Kate Haley! This blog tour is just getting started so I’ll link the original post for you to have a look at! Massive thank you to both Storytellers on Tour and Kate Haley for allowing me the opportunity to read this book, I am so thankful for the privilege.

You should all know by now that my warriors heart loves a good weapon on the cover of a book. It is an automatic attention grabber for me without fail, and so you know I’m a happy fantasy nerd right now! Right onto the details you want to know!


Ten years. Thousands dead. No memories.

The amnesia was supposed to be a good thing. Other soldiers bask in its freedom. Except for Elvac it doesn’t feel right. When he returns from his first year at war he can’t shake the niggling sensation that something is missing. His life has been turned upside down, yet he can’t remember being gone. The only proof of his time away are the scars, and the haunting dreams of fire.
With the help of his friends, Elvac begins to regain his lost memories, and with them uncover the truth of his missing year, and what the Church of Sunne is really doing with their War of the North…

My Review:

I’m going to start at the very beginning…the setting. This. Book. Delivers. On. Setting. 100%. I felt immersed from the first moment! From the first chapter I was really able to get a sense of the place and the people which I really enjoyed and felt was excellently done. There were moments in the beginning where I wanted a little bit more information, a little more history, but ultimately that was because I wanted all the details! I felt the author did a really good job of creating a sense of mystery, a sense of ‘what is going on’ to leave me on the edge of my seat wondering where things were going or where they would end up.

There is a lot of moments that made me smile, light hearted moments, or cheeky moments that really helped alleviate the tension….because boy oh boy were the stakes high in this novel.

Having been in the military myself I really love reading about military warrior types that go on to question the orders given to them and who uncover hidden agendas and POLITICS!! I just love it, and really enjoyed this book for that reason…amongst others.

My only critique would be that sometimes the change in scene was unexpected and left me feeling a little pulled out of the book, this was few and far between, so didn’t affect my enjoyment of the book.

Honestly, I refuse to give anything away, if you love a high stakes, epic fantasy, with great characters and secret plots then give this one a go, I’m sure you wont be disappointed, and as for me? I cant wait to read what comes next!


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