Review Policy

I am 100% happy to be contacted by authors, and publishers etc to receive ARCs or books, however I must stress that given my busy lifestyle and never ending TBR pile I may not always be able to accommodate you. Please bear in mind that it may take me up to 2 months to get around to reading and reviewing the book as reviewing books is only a hobby for me sadly, however I do always make sure any books I receive for review a priority.

Aside from publishing the review on this blog I will also add a review to Goodreads, but can add to places like Amazon and Waterstones etc, if asked.

My reviews will always be 100% honest, and I must stress that I am in no way obligated to accept an offer for review, therefore be aware that I maintain the right to decline if I wish.

Genres that I Read 

Fantasy / Sci-fi – I read anything from adult to middle grade. Though my preference lies within Adult and YA. This is the main bulk of my shelves and I do tend to read more fantasy than anything else.

Historical fiction – I have been known to enjoy historical fiction, therefore please feel free to pitch me if you think you have a fit in this genre.

Book Format

I am happy to accept electronic arcs/books as well as physical copies. That being said, that may change in the future due to a number of reasons. At that point in time, should it arise, I will update this post to ensure no confusion.

Author Interviews/ Blog Tours/ Guest Posts/ Giveaways

I am happy to participate in author interviews/ blog tours, and guest posts if you wish – please just let me know. I am also happy to do giveaways in cooperation with a publisher/ publicist, and/ or author if the opportunity arises.


With regards to ARCs I normally try to ensure that I read and review the book on the month leading to release. This does mean that if you send me one, my review is likely to take longer depending on the titles release date. I can, in some cases, post a review earlier if asked, and will try to accommodate this for you. Once I have finished with an ARC often I keep it, however I may do a trade, or a giveaway. I will NEVER sell an ARC I have received.

Contacting me

You can email me at – please refrain from spamming me. I also have a contact form under the Connect menu at the top of this blog. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, pitches/ books to review, or comments you may have.

Other information

I will always when posting a review of a book/ ARC I received in exchange for my honest review state that I received it via the source e.g. the publicist, publishing agency, or author. I will also leave links in my review to ensure those reading will know where they can purchase the book etc. (This will be both UK, and US links).